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The Negative Effects of Misfuelling You Need to Know

You need to understand just how dangerous misfuelling is. For some people, they think that it is an act of stupidity that can be easily reversed. The truth is that it can be way more complicated than that. When you place petrol in a diesel engine, the problem could get worse. Diesel engines are simply […]

Wrong Fuel in Car? – How it will Affect the Car Engine

Not all fuels are the same. Don’t be complacent if your car is still moving when you are aware that you have filled it with the wrong fuel. For sure, it is still moving now, but it could come to a sudden halt. Worse, you could be in the middle of the road when it […]

Have You Just Put Petrol in Your Diesel Car?

After suffering from a terrible misfuel as you just put petrol in diesel car and you are in the middle of the road, you might think that you have already gone through the worst. You call for help and wait for help to arrive. While waiting, you think that you were too stupid to have misfueled. Whatever […]

Need Help to Drain Fuel From Your Car?

It won’t take a while before you realise that you have misfueled. You will immediately see black smoke coming out of the vehicle. You will also suffer from an erratic engine. It starts to slow down up until it comes to a stop. This is a problem you don’t want to face. Here are things […]

Help! Need someone to rescue you from a fuelling disaster?!

The moment you’ve realised that misfuelling happened, you might immediately panic. You keep driving up until you find help from a local gas station or a repair shop. Before you do so, bear in mind that driving when misfuelling happened won’t help in any way. It could even make the problem worse. Here are the […]

Petrol in Your Diesel Car?

As soon as you’ve realised that you placed the wrong fuel in your car, you have to act immediately. Don’t wait until the damage becomes too severe that the engine is damaged beyond repair. You need to pull over and stop the car immediately. It does not matter where you are. You really have to […]

Here’s What to Do When You Have Placed Petrol in Diesel Car

Having driven your car for some time, you will know straight away if there is something wrong. However, there are instances when it feels weird for no reason at all. You might have experienced different types of repair problems in the past, but it feels different right now. If this is the case, you might […]

Petrol in Your Diesel Engine?

You might not be familiar with misfuelling as it is not among the problems you have experienced before. The truth is that it is a common human error when it comes to vehicles and over 150,000 vehicles suffer from placing petrol in diesel engine each year in the UK alone. You think you won’t ever face this […]