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Understanding the Serious Repair Issues as a Result of Misfuelling

The moment you realise you have misfuelled, you simply need to pull over and ask for help. You are guaranteed to have help on the way. They will make sure that the wrong fuel is removed from your vehicle and bring you to a safe location. Wherever you are, you can get the right kind of help.

Fuel drain from diesel in a petrol car is one thing. Having the damage repaired is another. This is not easy. You have to prepare for the worst once you have misfuelled.

Severe damage

The level of damage will depend on how long you have driven with the wrong fuel. In some cases, only a few pipes might be affected. They won’t cost a lot to repair. This happens if you immediately noticed the problem and stopped driving. In the event that you didn’t realise the problem or simply ignored it and kept on driving, the next thing that could happen is severe damage to your vehicle. Not only will the pipes be affected, other parts like filters, injectors and the fuel tank could also be damaged.

Understanding the cost

Your vehicle will first be assessed. The problems will be checked to see if there are ways to solve them. If the cost is affordable, you can proceed with the work.

Replacement could be the best thing

There are instances though in which the problem is too severe. The entire engine might already be affected. Repairs could still be done, but it is impractical. The reason why it is not advised is that you could end up spending more money. The parts are expensive and the labour costs are also expensive. At this point, you might have to consider replacing the entire engine.

Engines cost a lot of money, but if you wish to salvage the vehicle, this is the best choice, unless you don’t think the vehicle is worth saving and you would rather invest in a new vehicle instead.

When you replace the entire engine with a new one, your vehicle will be free from all the damage. You will have spent a lot but there will be an assurance that you won’t need further repairs in the future. In short, you will actually save money in the long run. If you calculate the cost and you realise it is cheaper than doing all the huge repairs, replacing the entire engine could be the best way forward.

No one wants to experience misfuelling. But if you do, you have to face the consequences because of this mistake and make sure not to have this problem ever again. You can’t afford another misfuel in the future.

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The Negative Effects of Misfuelling You Need to Know

You need to understand just how dangerous misfuelling is. For some people, they think that it is an act of stupidity that can be easily reversed. The truth is that it can be way more complicated than that. When you place petrol in a diesel engine, the problem could get worse. Diesel engines are simply not meant for petrol, and the other way around. Here are some ideas about misfuelling to make you think of it more seriously.

Lubrication is reduced

When you place petrol in diesel, it acts as a solvent. As a result, lubrication is reduced, and it can cause serious damages to the fuel pump. This happens due to metal to metal contact. You will be lucky if only some pipes are affected. If the fuel has travelled to several parts of the system, it could potentially destroy the whole thing.

More contamination requires more repair

The level of damage depends on the extent to which the fuel has penetrated the system. The rule of thumb is that if there is more penetration, you will have to do more extensive repairs. Extensive repairs are more expensive. In some cases, a new engine would be required to get the vehicle running again. Minimal repairs could cost around €200. However, they could easily cost up to €2,000 if the problem is really serious.

Diesel engines are quite vulnerable

The more modern versions of diesel engines can get easily contaminated. If this happens, you need to replace the fuel pumps, rails, injectors, filters, and even the fuel tank.

You can be at risk

If you keep driving, even if you know you have misfuelled, you are placing yourself at risk. The vehicle is already at risk. It will not perform as it should, and erratic engine performance could lead to an accident. This is why it is highly recommended to pull over as soon as you notice the problem. The best solution is to have the incorrect fuel removed from the fuel system. This can often be done at the roadside if you have pulled over immediately. Then, the correct fuel can be used – and you will be on your way.

Now that you understand these negative effects, you have to be more careful. Make sure that you don’t misfuel. Understand the vehicle well. In the event that you have misfuelled, you need to know who to call. You should not panic. It does not matter where you are, you can get the right help. Motoserve are efficient and will help you with the situation calmy whilst we help sort the issue.

Regarding repairs, it is a totally different issue which you can deal with later, once you have had your vehicle safely removed from the road. Safety should be a top priority: your own safety and then the safety of your vehicle.

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Important Things to Avoid When You’ve Mistakenly Placed Diesel in a Petrol Engine

After refuelling your vehicle, you are ready to hit the road. You can already estimate how far you can travel with the amount of fuel you have. Unfortunately, just a few minutes in, you realise that there is something wrong. The engine starts to become erratic. You can’t control it well.

As you start looking in the rear-view mirror, you realise that black smoke is coming out the exhaust. Eventually, you can no longer drive the vehicle, and come to a complete halt. If this happens, you have probably misfuelled. This happens when you place petrol in a diesel engine or the other way around. Immediately you will need a fuel drain.

The results can be very devastating. For some, the engine becomes damaged and they have no choice but to have the engine replaced. In the event that you’ve misfuelled, there are things that you should avoid doing to prevent the problem from escalating. Here are some of them.

Driving even farther

You worry that you are in the middle of nowhere and you can’t get help if you decide to stop. The truth is that if you keep on burning the fuel, the entire fuel system of your vehicle could be ruined. However, if you notice the problem and you decide to stop, the problem can be solved. Diesel in petrol engines won’t work. The engine will most likely be damaged because diesel contains properties that are not suitable for petrol engines. If you notice the problem, pull over and don’t wait until things get worse.

Should you ask a tow company for help?

You don’t have to ask for a tow company to come and pick you up. This would cost you a lot of money. You need a company like Motoserve that will help suck the fuel out of the vehicle. They will see to it that the fuel is fully removed before moving the vehicle out of the area. This ensures that the fuel can do no further damage. Besides, their services are way more affordable.

Have the engine fixed

You need to ask first about the cost of doing any repairs. The problem should be assessed first before action is taken. If the repairs are simple, nothing should stop you from opting for repairs. However, there are instances in which the vehicle is damaged beyond economic repair. At this point, you will probably be advised to just buy a new engine. It would cost you less. Again, when you have misfuelled, the entire system could potentially be damaged and complete replacement could be the best recourse.

There are also various devices you can buy to avoid any possibility of misfuelling in the future.

wrong fuel in car

Wrong Fuel in Car? – How it will Affect the Car Engine

Not all fuels are the same. Don’t be complacent if your car is still moving when you are aware that you have filled it with the wrong fuel. For sure, it is still moving now, but it could come to a sudden halt. Worse, you could be in the middle of the road when it happens.

How does it affect the engine?

As soon as you’ve turned the vehicle on, the damage within the engine will start to become apparent. Diesel is usually oily and diesel engines are designed to accommodate this type of fuel. If you use petrol, it strips the diesel engine of it’s lubricants which stop it ticking over. It will also damage the seals. Eventually, this could lead to the engine seizing. If this happens, the entire engine is damaged and other essential components are also affected.

When the problem is serious, it could even prevent the engine being repairable. The damage could be irreversible and this could prove very costly. As you start the ignition, even simply unlocking the door could cause serious damage to the car. It might seem crazy, considering how we have evolved in terms of automobile technology, but this is a problem that is yet to be addressed. For now, expect the worst if you’ve placed the wrong fuel in car.

How much would it cost to do the repair?

If the engine was not turned on because you noticed the mistake right away, or you have stopped just a few minutes after re-fuelling, you are lucky. A fuel-tank drain would suffice. The cost is around 200 euros possibly more, depending on the severity of the damage and the amount of fuel to be drained. Regardless, it will still be a costly mistake that could have been easily avoided by taking greater care when re-fuelling. This could prove even more costly if it happens when you are in the middle of a remote area, as you could be charged more.

If you have driven the car for quite some time after misfuelling, there could be several components that have been damaged. The amount for repair could run into thousands of euros. It comes to a point where it is no longer economically practical to repair the car and replacement is a better option. Either way, it is an expensive choice.

Will this be covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, in most cases, it won’t. Unless you have taken comprehensive protection or you pay higher insurance premiums, you will shoulder the entire cost of the repair. You have to inform your insurance provider though, so they are aware, should it happen again.

It is a big problem if you experience misfuelling. Find a way to prevent it whenever possible. Place a sticker near the fuelling inlet, always have a contact number to hand, of a few companies that can drain the fuel. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse before doing anything about it.

just put petrol in diesel car

Have You Just Put Petrol in Your Diesel Car?

After suffering from a terrible misfuel as you just put petrol in diesel car and you are in the middle of the road, you might think that you have already gone through the worst. You call for help and wait for help to arrive. While waiting, you think that you were too stupid to have misfueled.

Whatever the reason is, the point is that you are getting help. You know that there are experts coming over soon and they will remove the fuel out of the vehicle. The cost for this service is also relatively cheap. The amount varies depending on how much fuel is to be removed and where you are at the time that you called for help.

It is just the beginning

Once you have asked for help to remove the incorrect fuel, you can’t just replace it with the correct fuel and expect to drive right away. This is true if you have driven for quite some time before realising that there was a mistake on the type of fuel used. At this point, expect severe damage on the engine and other parts. This is where your nightmare begins.

Repairs and replacement

The main damage will occur on the fuel tank, fuel lines, connecting pipes, fillers and injectors. They are on the direct path of the fuel and they might be useless as soon as you have used the wrong fuel. There could be repairs done on the scene, but the mechanics have to assess it first. If the problem is too severe, they would decline immediate repair.

More damages

Aside from the basic parts that were damaged because of misfueling, there are other parts that could be potentially damaged. This includes the catalytic converter, valves, and many others. After assessment, be prepared for the worse. In some cases, several parts have to be replaced and the entire fuel system could be deemed useless.

Make a wise choice

Eventually, you would have to decide what is best for you. Think carefully since you might end up spending more if you chose the wrong path. If you decide to repair and replace, the cost should not be a lot higher than simply buying a new engine or replacing the entire fuel system. The repair could also not prevent the problem totally and it could still keep coming back.

On the other hand, if the cost is way too high and you have used your vehicle for a really long time, replacing your vehicle could be the best solution. Buying a new engine would cost thousands of dollars. It is impractical if you opt for it instead of just getting a new vehicle.

Now you understand that it is really a big problem if misfueling occurs. This is out of a simple human error, but the repercussions are grave. You have to be careful and remind yourself before pumping fuel to the vehicle.

fuel drain

Need Help to Drain Fuel From Your Car?

It won’t take a while before you realise that you have misfueled. You will immediately see black smoke coming out of the vehicle. You will also suffer from an erratic engine. It starts to slow down up until it comes to a stop. This is a problem you don’t want to face. Here are things to avoid when facing this problem.

Driving continuously

You are in the middle of the road and you don’t want to get stuck there. You decide that the best way out is to keep on driving up until you have found a safer location. This is a big no. Once you keep driving, the problem could get worse. The engine might end up with more problems up until it becomes impossible to fix. The best thing to do is to just pull over. Turn everything off and call the rescue company to do a complete fuel drain. They will make sure that the wrong fuel is totally removed from the vehicle.

Draining the fuel yourself

You can find tutorials online regarding fuel draining. They can be useful. They are also quite clear if you look at them. However, without experience in fixing a car, it could be a big problem. You will end up making the problem worse. Instead of draining it properly, you could destroy the pipes and other parts. Therefore, you better wait for help to arrive instead of fixing the problem yourself.

Panic and attract attention

This is the type of problem that will surely not be fixed even if you can find help nearby. Don’t dare ask people to stop and help you. This will just place you in danger. You can just sit down and wait for the fuel rescue company to arrive. They know more. They have dealt with this problem many times in the past. You don’t want people to know that you have stopped because you are in big trouble. This would make you more vulnerable.

Asking for an on the scene repair

You want to use your vehicle right away so you ask for a mechanic to immediately fix the problem. It won’t help. The damage could be severe. Whether it is petrol in diesel engine or the other way around, the engine could be totally damaged especially if you have driven for a really long distance. The best thing to do is to find a place where the vehicle can be properly assessed before appropriate response can be made.

The problem could be worse than you think. The engine will be totally damaged in some cases and simple repairs won’t suffice. The entire engine has to be replaced with something new. You might even be told that it is not practical to repair the engine anymore considering the severity of the damage.

By avoiding these things, you can at least keep yourself safe throughout the ordeal and eventually find a way to salvage the vehicle.

fuel rescue

Help! Need someone to rescue you from a fuelling disaster?!

The moment you’ve realised that misfuelling happened, you might immediately panic. You keep driving up until you find help from a local gas station or a repair shop. Before you do so, bear in mind that driving when misfuelling happened won’t help in any way. It could even make the problem worse. Here are the important notes to remember once you have misfueled.

Stay calm and pull over

As soon as you have noticed black smoke coming out of the vehicle, it is already a sign that you have misfuelled. The engine starts to slag and eventually come to a complete halt. Don’t wait until this happens. Make sure that you stop right away. This is a problem especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, but this is no reason to panic.

Call for help

You can easily ask a fuel rescue company to come over and help you out. They will ask for your location and will be there equipped with the right staff who know what to do and machines to remove the wrong fuel placed inside. Stick with companies that only provide this service since they specialise in it. They have people who have years of experiences in solving this problem.

Wait for help to arrive

You will be told how long you need to wait. This could take some time depending on your location, but it will just arrive especially if you were promised that help will be there. In the meantime, just wait patiently. You may use your phone if you still have a lot of battery left, but stop using it just in case the fuel rescue could not find you. Better yet, send them your current location using your mobile phone to be easily traced.

Let them to do the job

As soon as they’ve arrived, they will fix the problem. They will take out the wrong fuel until it is totally drained. They will then check the engine to see the extent of the damage. Some companies could provide minor repairs on the spot. Others would recommend major repairs. Depending on the situation, some cars can still be driven to a safer location. The good thing is that the company could also help transport your car to a repair shop and recommend the parts that need fixing.

Be prepared for the cost

The cost for the fuel rescue alone is affordable. It would be over 100 euro only. The bigger problem is if the engine is severely damaged. Repairing or replacing it would cost you thousands of euro. If you have driven quite some time before noticing that there was misfuelling, the problem could even get worse.

Nevertheless, you are still lucky that you can get help. After this experience, make sure it does not happen again. Learn from your mistakes and use the right fuel for your vehicle. Remind yourself about the right fuel, but still keep in your contacts the mobile number of the fuel rescue company just in case.

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Petrol in Your Diesel Car?

As soon as you’ve realised that you placed the wrong fuel in your car, you have to act immediately. Don’t wait until the damage becomes too severe that the engine is damaged beyond repair. You need to pull over and stop the car immediately. It does not matter where you are. You really have to stop.

When you’ve placed petrol in diesel car, expect this to cause havoc for your entire trip. The engine will be so badly affected that it starts to become erratic, to the point that it suddenly stops working. Once it dies, there is nothing you can do to revive it. Considering how expensive engine replacement is, you don’t want it to happen to your vehicle.

You might feel a bit stupid in making this mistake but the truth is, there are thousands of motorists each year who make the very same mistake. Unfortunately for some, they end up with severely damaged engines. When the engine keeps running, this complicates the problem and more damage is caused.

Seek assistance

You can’t deal with this problem on your own. You also can’t just remove the wrong fuel without help. The good thing is that there are many companies that you can call to remove the wrong fuel and fix what needs to be fixed right away. Aside from the engine, other parts of the fuel system might also be incompatible with the fuel you’ve put into the engine and might have also been damaged. If you didn’t stop as soon as you’d realised the mistake, the entire system might have to be repaired, increasing the cost even more..

Cheaper than towing your car

Don’t think you have to get your car towed away. When you ask for help from a company that has the right equipment to remove the wrong fuel, you wouldn’t necessarily need to incur this cost. They might send people who can help check the engine, or the entire fuel system, and carry out an on the spot repair.

Putting the wrong fuel in an engine is a surprisingly common problem. If it happens to you, don’t panic, look for the phone number of a company that can help with removing petrol in a diesel engine and they will respond quickly. Tell them where you are and explain clearly what happened so they can bring the right equipment or advise of a company who can provide the help you need. They can respond to the situation right away.

It is a good thing to know that you can get help as soon as it is needed. You don’t have to worry if this happens to you because you know that you will get help.

petrol in diesel car

Here’s What to Do When You Have Placed Petrol in Diesel Car

Having driven your car for some time, you will know straight away if there is something wrong. However, there are instances when it feels weird for no reason at all. You might have experienced different types of repair problems in the past, but it feels different right now. If this is the case, you might have placed petrol in a diesel car. This could be the reason why the vehicle is erratic and does not respond properly.

Symptoms (petrol in diesel engine)

To begin with, diesel engines are very sensitive. They will totally reject petrol unlike petrol engines that were fuelled with diesel. Worse, aside from the engine, other parts might be affected too, and this could cause serious damage. Obviously, when greater damages are incurred, you will end up spending more money. You will know that it is problematic when you start seeing black smoke coming out. This is due to unburnt fuel, which will eventually lead to sluggishness and stalling. Once this happens, the vehicle won’t start anymore. This could really be a big issue if its stops in the middle of the road.

Symptoms (diesel in petrol engine)

Once diesel is put into a petrol engine, the first component that is affected is the fuel filter. It will clog up quickly since diesel is oily. This problem could lead to the vehicle stuttering and stalling. Next, the spark plugs will be affected. They will clog up with soot due to the mixing of diesel with the petrol. There will be lots of white smoke before the engine loses power completely. In many cases though, the engine will still function for about 40% of its capacity unlike when petrol is placed in a diesel engine.

Stop the car

In either of these two situations, the first thing you need to do is to stop the car immediately. Disconnect the main fuel line and, if possible, access the tank using a hose via the filler cap. This will help to syphon off a lot of fuel from the engine. Fuel draining the rest of the fuel through the fuel line is the more complicated part. If it is not possible to follow these steps, attempting anything further may exacerbate the problem. As such, it is in your best interest to do nothing to the vehicle after you have come to a complete stop.

Ask for help

Instead of trying to solve the problem yourself, why don’t you call an expert to do the job? There are companies that provide this type of service. Their main role is to help remove fuel that was wrongly placed in a vehicle and they have all the right equipment to do the job. You just have to call their hotline and they will get to you as soon as possible. Just stay calm should this happen to you and rest assured, there is a way to avert the crisis. You just need to act immediately.

petrol in diesel engine

Petrol in Your Diesel Engine?

You might not be familiar with misfuelling as it is not among the problems you have experienced before. The truth is that it is a common human error when it comes to vehicles and over 150,000 vehicles suffer from placing petrol in diesel engine each year in the UK alone.

You think you won’t ever face this problem, but wait until you have picked the wrong pump and start driving while the fuel used is incorrect. By then, you will regret that you didn’t learn about what to do in the event of misfueling.

What should be done first?

Once you have realised that you’ve misfueled, turn the vehicle off and stop whatever it is that you are doing. Don’t be tempted to continue driving to find a place where you can have the fuel removed. Instead, call a fuel rescue company. They will be there in an instant. They will bring the right equipment to suck the fuel out of the vehicle up until it is totally drained. Some of them would further fix the engine, but others won’t.

Should the filter be changed?

If you’ve noticed the problem once you have already started driving, the filter has to be changed. This is actually the least of your concerns considering that filter replacement is not too expensive. The bigger problem happens when the entire fuel system is badly damaged. The fuel pump and catalytic converters are among the parts that are heavily damaged. The engine is also broken beyond repair. At this point, you don’t have a choice but to have the problem fixed through replacement. This could cost thousands of euro. Also, the warranty of the vehicle will not be void as there are several parts that were replaced.

Will this be an expensive service?

For the fuel rescue alone, it won’t cost a lot. When you asked for help from the company to come over, you just have to pay over 100 euro but not more than 300. It depends on your location relative to the location of the company that you sought help from.

The more expensive part is when you ask for recovery from the main dealer. If it is under warranty, you will still spend up to 10,000 euro. Imagine how much you would spend if it is already beyond warranty. The good thing with this full repair option is that you will have peace of mind knowing that the entire system has been replaced and the vehicle is totally safe for driving.

Once the amount for repair or replacement would reach thousands, it is time to reconsider. You could be better off buying a new vehicle especially if you have been using the same vehicle for many years. If you are told that it is beyond economic repair, it means that you really have to buy a new vehicle.

You don’t want to be in this situation. At least, once you do, you know what to do and you can prevent the problem from escalating.