unleaded in a diesel engine

Unleaded in a Diesel Engine: How to Prevent Misfuelling

It seems like an obvious mistake that should not happen, but misfueling happens a lot. There are over 150,000 cases in the UK alone. This happens more often that you think. There are a lot of reasons why it happens, and there are also a lot of ways to prevent it from happening. Here are some tips to take into consideration.

Check the model of the car

If you own the car, you should know whether or not it has a diesel or petrol engine. It is easy to pick the right fuel when you are at the gas station. However, if you are using the car from a car rental agency, you need to be clear about what type of fuel you need to use. Ask the agency first before you decide to sign the contract for rental agreement. Aside from you, everyone else in your family who is driving the vehicle must be aware of what fuel to use.

Label the tank with a sticker

Just so you won’t forget what kind of fuel to use, label the car on the area where it is refuelled. This will remind you in case you forget. This might seem laughable, but it actually works. Of course, you know what engine is used in the car but it’s always wise to check the type of fuel it requires. Sometimes, when you are too occupied with other things, it slips your mind and you inadvertently use the wrong fuel.

Check the coloured labels at the gas stations

This is not necessarily the same in all countries. Usually, green pumps are for unleaded, while black pumps are for diesel. The actual name of the fuel is also placed next to the pump to avoid confusion. Just in case the sign is faded, you will at least know what to use if you are aware of the colours.

Check the receipt

Before leaving the gas station after re-fuelling, check the receipt. Don’t just turn the engine on and drive away. The receipt will indicate the type of fuel used. As soon as you’ve noticed that the wrong fuel was used, don’t drive the vehicle. It is better to be at the station, where they may have the right tools to resolve the issue. If not, you can still call for the right company to help you. It is better to get help while you’re there, than miles down the road. Also, if the engine is not turned on yet, the damage to your car won’t be as extensive.

Dilution could be done

It is possible to dilute unleaded if you’ve put unleaded in a diesel engine. However, this can only happen with certain types of car. If you have already fully loaded the vehicle with the fuel, there is no chance for you to dilute it anymore. Dilution comes with a risk, so don’t attempt it as your first option.

There are ways to prevent misfuelling. It is just a matter of finding the correct solution to resolve the problem before it gets worse. You need not panic at all.

Wrong Fuel Vehicle

You’ve pumped the wrong fuel into your car !

Wrong fuel into your car ! So its happened. You have pumped the wrong fuel into your vehicle and now your asking yourself …

“What am I going to do now ?” … “Who would know what to do ?” …. “Can I drive the car?”…..”How am I going to get home….get to that meeting….collect the kids?…..and “How did I pump the wrong fuel in to the car in the first place!!?”….All good questions, but the first thing is DON’T Panic!

Wrong fuel in your car?…..Your Not alone.. Help is at hand.

First of all do not panic. It is very unlikely you have done any damage to your car! This happens to motorists every day all over Ireland and Motoserve are here to help you get back on the road in the safest, fastest and most efficient way. With specially equipped vans that come to you on the petrol station forecourt, at work, home or on the side of the road, we remove the hassle of waiting hours for roadside assistance to come and tow you to a garage where you your car can be for days. As fuel drain specialists  we can have your car back to normal and back on the road within a couple of hours from your location.  So call Motoserve now on Phone 01 444 3320 or on  Mobile 087 702 7177 and follow these few short tips

  • If you have not already started the engine DON’T turn on the ignition as the will circulate the contaminated fuel and may increase the risk of expensive damage.
  • If you have started the engine DON’T panic we can still assist you
  • DO contact Motoserve immediately!!  Phone 01 444 3320    Mobile 087 702 7177
  • Time is a critical factor when the incorrect fuel is in your vehicle system and it needs removal and flushing through ASAP.
  • If you have accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car you’re not alone. Approximately 9,000  Irish drivers put the wrong fuel in their car every year. That’s almost one every sixty minutes.