fuel rescue

Help! Need someone to rescue you from a fuelling disaster?!

The moment you’ve realised that misfuelling happened, you might immediately panic. You keep driving up until you find help from a local gas station or a repair shop. Before you do so, bear in mind that driving when misfuelling happened won’t help in any way. It could even make the problem worse. Here are the important notes to remember once you have misfueled.

Stay calm and pull over

As soon as you have noticed black smoke coming out of the vehicle, it is already a sign that you have misfuelled. The engine starts to slag and eventually come to a complete halt. Don’t wait until this happens. Make sure that you stop right away. This is a problem especially when you are in the middle of nowhere, but this is no reason to panic.

Call for help

You can easily ask a fuel rescue company to come over and help you out. They will ask for your location and will be there equipped with the right staff who know what to do and machines to remove the wrong fuel placed inside. Stick with companies that only provide this service since they specialise in it. They have people who have years of experiences in solving this problem.

Wait for help to arrive

You will be told how long you need to wait. This could take some time depending on your location, but it will just arrive especially if you were promised that help will be there. In the meantime, just wait patiently. You may use your phone if you still have a lot of battery left, but stop using it just in case the fuel rescue could not find you. Better yet, send them your current location using your mobile phone to be easily traced.

Let them to do the job

As soon as they’ve arrived, they will fix the problem. They will take out the wrong fuel until it is totally drained. They will then check the engine to see the extent of the damage. Some companies could provide minor repairs on the spot. Others would recommend major repairs. Depending on the situation, some cars can still be driven to a safer location. The good thing is that the company could also help transport your car to a repair shop and recommend the parts that need fixing.

Be prepared for the cost

The cost for the fuel rescue alone is affordable. It would be over 100 euro only. The bigger problem is if the engine is severely damaged. Repairing or replacing it would cost you thousands of euro. If you have driven quite some time before noticing that there was misfuelling, the problem could even get worse.

Nevertheless, you are still lucky that you can get help. After this experience, make sure it does not happen again. Learn from your mistakes and use the right fuel for your vehicle. Remind yourself about the right fuel, but still keep in your contacts the mobile number of the fuel rescue company just in case.