petrol in diesel engine

Petrol in Your Diesel Engine?

You might not be familiar with misfuelling as it is not among the problems you have experienced before. The truth is that it is a common human error when it comes to vehicles and over 150,000 vehicles suffer from placing petrol in diesel engine each year in the UK alone.

You think you won’t ever face this problem, but wait until you have picked the wrong pump and start driving while the fuel used is incorrect. By then, you will regret that you didn’t learn about what to do in the event of misfueling.

What should be done first?

Once you have realised that you’ve misfueled, turn the vehicle off and stop whatever it is that you are doing. Don’t be tempted to continue driving to find a place where you can have the fuel removed. Instead, call a fuel rescue company. They will be there in an instant. They will bring the right equipment to suck the fuel out of the vehicle up until it is totally drained. Some of them would further fix the engine, but others won’t.

Should the filter be changed?

If you’ve noticed the problem once you have already started driving, the filter has to be changed. This is actually the least of your concerns considering that filter replacement is not too expensive. The bigger problem happens when the entire fuel system is badly damaged. The fuel pump and catalytic converters are among the parts that are heavily damaged. The engine is also broken beyond repair. At this point, you don’t have a choice but to have the problem fixed through replacement. This could cost thousands of euro. Also, the warranty of the vehicle will not be void as there are several parts that were replaced.

Will this be an expensive service?

For the fuel rescue alone, it won’t cost a lot. When you asked for help from the company to come over, you just have to pay over 100 euro but not more than 300. It depends on your location relative to the location of the company that you sought help from.

The more expensive part is when you ask for recovery from the main dealer. If it is under warranty, you will still spend up to 10,000 euro. Imagine how much you would spend if it is already beyond warranty. The good thing with this full repair option is that you will have peace of mind knowing that the entire system has been replaced and the vehicle is totally safe for driving.

Once the amount for repair or replacement would reach thousands, it is time to reconsider. You could be better off buying a new vehicle especially if you have been using the same vehicle for many years. If you are told that it is beyond economic repair, it means that you really have to buy a new vehicle.

You don’t want to be in this situation. At least, once you do, you know what to do and you can prevent the problem from escalating.